Is Your Lease Up? What's Next?

Your Lease Options

Leasing can give car shoppers the great opportunity to have the vehicle desired at a monthly payment that can often be more affordable than purchasing. Manhattan Beach Toyota's options at the end of a lease are also convenient.

You Have 3 Lease-End Options

  1. Purchase a new Toyota
  2. Purchase your current Toyota
  3. Turn in your lease

Option 1: Purchase a New Toyota

If you would like to turn in your lease for a newer version of what you are driving now or you would like to drive a different Toyota model, Manhattan Beach Toyota serving Marina Del Rey, Torrance and the South Bay can help.

Complete the below form and a manager will contact you shortly. Read more below to learn how to turn-in your current leased vehicle.

Option 2: Purchase Your Current Toyota

If you would like to purchase the Toyota you are currently leasing, first you will need to determine your payoff amount and we can help you do that!

To find out more about your leased vehicle's payoff information complete the form below to help us determine your payoff amount. A manager will contact you shortly regarding your lease.

We will estimate what your monthly payments will be if you want to finance the amount. We will also review the details of your lease agreement with you to help you choose your purchase method.

Option 3: Turn in Your Lease

We are here to help you! Here are the steps you will need to follow to turn-in your leased vehicle.

Give Us a Call

Call us at 424-400-5994 before your lease ends or fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a manager will contact you soon.

Assess Your Vehicle's Condition

Manhattan Beach Toyota can help you determine your vehicle's condition using Toyota's Wear and Use Guidelines. Damages that go beyond normal wear and use may result in charges at the end of your lease. Schedule an appointment so we may assess your vehicle's condition. Review your mileage allowance to determine whether you will have excess mileage charges at the end of the lease.¹

Some examples of excessive wear and tear include:

Dented Bumper

Scratched Panel

Visit Toyota's Wear and Use Guidelines page for more examples on excessive vehicle wear. Many examples shown can be repaired before you turn-in your leased vehicle.

Make Any Necessary Repairs

Manhattan Beach Toyota's Service Department is able to make cost-effective repairs, if needed, to your leased vehicle. Making these changes before turning in your lease may save you on the final bill and your insurance company might pay for the repairs. Save all your receipts and check with your insurance company.

Click here to schedule a Service appointment or call 855-995-6977.

Schedule a Turn-In Appointment

Schedule an appointment to return your lease at Manhattan Beach Toyota. You may Schedule an Appointment with the Finance Department here.

Return Your Toyota

Bring your leased vehicle to Manhattan Beach Toyota. You must turn in an Odometer Statement when you turn-in your vehicle. An independent company will perform a final inspection after you turn in your leased vehicle.

Some additional items you will need to bring with you to turn in your leased vehicle:

  • All keys
  • Owner's manuals
  • Any original equipment removed from your vehicle (i.e. cargo cover, headrests, spare tire, etc.)

Make Any Outstanding Payments

Please remember to make all outstanding lease payments, property tax and late fees on your lease agreement.

Toyota Financial Services will send you a final statement after the leased vehicle is returned. Charges may be due if your vehicle's condition exceeds mileage limits or normal wear and use.

A disposition fee² will be applied at the end of the lease to cover the cost to dispose or sell the vehicle. This fee will be waived on your current lease if you finance or lease your next vehicle with TFS through Manhattan Beach Toyota.³

Fill out the below form if you would like to speak with a finance manager about turning in your lease only.

¹ All charges may be subject to sales tax.
² Applicable on lease contracts signed after Jan. 3, 2011.
³ Offer to waive the disposition fee for qualifying customers in good standing with TFS who purchase/lease a new or certified used Toyota or Scion vehicle or a new or pre-owned Lexus vehicle within 30 days of lease return. Ask us for details!

Manhattan Beach Toyota assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of terms or wear and use guidelines. This is only a reference, please contact TFS for more information.

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