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As you have seen in recent news articles and on television, there is an increase in Catalytic Converter thefts in SoCal and Nationwide.

A catalytic converter Shield will help deter the theft/ and in most cases prevent. It literally takes less than 90 seconds for a thief to jack up your car and cut off the converter WITHOUT a Catalytic Converter Shield.

The installation of the shield is typically less than the cost of your deductible. Nationwide the average wait time for a converter is 6 to 7 months with an average costs between $3,800 to $5,600. Others up $7,300.

Check with your advisor to see if there is the availability of Catalytic Converter Shield for your model. Installed by factory trained technicians.


We are installing a shield that is designed SPECIFICALLY for your vehicle and is considered an authorized Toyota partner.

Please Protect your vehicle and yourself. Take that bite out crime!!!

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