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Bbq setup in the lawn area

Top Three Popular BBQ Restaurants near Manhattan Beach, CA!

What Are the Best BBQ Restaurants Around Manhattan Beach, CA?  

On the BBQ scene, there have been many changes. In the spring of 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic closed down dining halls. As a result of rising food prices and labor issues, numerous BBQ businesses were forced to close their doors, endangering the entire sector. California’s barbecue restaurants, though, showed unexpected resilience. This year’s list has a repeating theme of resilience and fresh starts. The last two years have seen a boom in the BBQ industry instead of general gloom. Existing eateries have expanded, and some have developed into fledgling multi-state chains. Additionally, a slew of ambitious new competitors has entered the market and are redefining the long-standing barbeque custom with vigor and innovation. In this blog by Manhattan Beach Toyota, you’ll discover the best BBQ restaurants around Manhattan Beach, CA.     

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Spooky Pumpkin

Coolest and Spookiest Ways to Celebrate 2022 Halloween

List of Best Spooky Things to do This Halloween  

Spooky season is here! The city still has plenty of spooky festivals, themed bar crawls, and haunted houses to thrill even the most ardent Halloween enthusiasts. Even though you’re too old to participate in trick-or-treating, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the holiday. So, dress in your spookiest costume and check out the greatest Halloween-related events in your area. Join us at Manhattan Beach Toyota in Manhattan Beach, CA, as we compile a list of the best spooky things to do this Halloween.  

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Mechanic adding air to the tire

Best Tips for Keeping Your Tires in Shape So You Can be Safe

Life-Saving Tips About Your Vehicle Tires

Tires are more than just treads that we change every few years. They assist us in moving safely and preventing accidents, and the grip and security they offer should not be undervalued. Some tips might not seem obvious but could go a long way toward ensuring your safety. Educating yourself on tires is essential, and ensuring that your friends and loved ones are also aware of them. Keep reading this blog by our team at Manhattan Beach Toyota in Manhattan Beach, CA, to understand life-saving tips about your vehicle tires. 

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Group of happy people going in a road trip

Road Safety Tips for Every Long Drive

Road Trip Safety Checklist

Long drives are fun. With music and friends on the side, a long drive can transport you to a world of thrill and make you escape temporarily from your mundane life. Everyone enjoys a long drive occasionally, whether you are a college-going student or a working man in his mid-50s. However, if you want to enjoy the journey and make some lasting memories, you cannot ignore safety and security on the road. Following essential road safety tips is necessary if you want a safe driving experience. If one is not cautious or alert while driving, a road trip can turn into a nightmare in the blink of an eye. Keep reading this blog by the Manhattan Beach Toyota dealership in Manhattan Beach, CA, to learn more about the road safety tips for every long drive.

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