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Toyota Sienna with Auto Access Seat                                                                            

The Sienna minivan now has a first of its kind in-line factory installed rotating power lift up seat called the Toyota Auto Access Seat (AAS). The auto access seat offers a new level of comfort and convenience to anyone who may need a little extra assistance getting in or out of a vehicle. Toyota is the first manufacturer to offer a factory installed lift seat and the only North American automaker to offer this mobility option directly to customers and the team at Manhattan Beach Toyota can help you order one today.

Features of the Auto Access Seat                                                                                  

The auto access seat is available on the LE or XLE grade Sienna van manufactured in Toyota's Princeton Indiana assembly plant. It offers ease of use with one-touch operation from a wireless remote control that minimizes the amount of effort to get in and out of the Sienna. Some of the features include:
  • Seat rotation of 90 degrees with a lift capacity of 330 pounds.

  • It lowers to within 19 inches from the ground with 4 inches of side travel and reclines up to 24 degrees.

  • Built-in safety features includes a system override that prevents the seat from functioning if the vehicle is not in the "park" position, if the sliding door is not completely open or if an obstruction is detected.

  • A single audible beep will indicate normal operation, while two audible beeps indicate an obstruction or other symptom has occurred and ceases operation until remedied.

The Toyota Auto Access Seat (AAS)
 is factory-installed.

The Sienna with Auto Access seat meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and comes with a comprehensive 3-year/36K mile factory warranty from Toyota and can be serviced by your local Toyota dealership.

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