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Best Tips for Keeping Your Tires in Shape So You Can be Safe

Life-Saving Tips About Your Vehicle Tires

Tires are more than just treads that we change every few years. They assist us in moving safely and preventing accidents, and the grip and security they offer should not be undervalued. Some tips might not seem obvious but could go a long way toward ensuring your safety. Educating yourself on tires is essential, and ensuring that your friends and loved ones are also aware of them. Keep reading this blog by our team at Manhattan Beach Toyota in Manhattan Beach, CA, to understand life-saving tips about your vehicle tires. 

Maintain Correct Tyre Pressure

Tires can lose about one PSI (pounds per square inch) of air per month. In cold temperatures, a tire might lose much more. Therefore, you may be endangering yourself and your family if you only ask your mechanic to check your tire pressure during oil changes or tire pressure during oil changes or tire rotations.

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Rotate Tyres

Rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to maintain even treadwear and to get the most life out of them. There’s a chance that your neighborhood tire shop may rotate your tires for free if you buy a set from them.

Mechanic rotating the tire

Don’t overload your vehicle

The maximum weight your vehicle can carry safely is listed on the label on your door frame. Tire failure might also result from an overloaded vehicle.

Don’t install mismatched tires

Recognize that specialty tires used outside their intended application can be hazardous and that the safest tires may not always be the most durable or fuel-efficient. For instance, some top-performance cars come with soft, summer-performance tires that are inappropriate for icy, drizzly roads. Similarly, if you try to use special winter tires all year round in hot temperatures, you’ll lose some safety (and a lot of tread wear).

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