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How to Connect Amazon Alexa to your Toyota

Using Toyota technology is a great way to take advantage of your vehicle. We want to tell you how to connect Amazon Alexa to your Toyota. Let’s see how you can make your driving experience more convenient. 

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Step by Step Guide 

You can sync up the Amazon Alexa and your Toyota vehicle for your convenience. You can connect to your vehicle right from your home. You can use the Amazon Alexa to start the engine, lock the doors, and check the vehicle status on your phone. To use this technology you will have to register your Toyota vehicle on your phone and equip your vehicle with Remote Connect. Then you can sign into your Amazon account online to begin connecting your vehicle with your Amazon Alexa. This can be a handy tool to make sure your vehicle is ready before you start your day or after walking into your home after work. Watch this video guide to learn more. 

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This video is very informative on how to connect Amazon Alexa to your Toyota. If you want to learn more about our forward-thinking Toyota vehicles, you can check out our online inventory and schedule a test drive with us at Manhattan Beach Toyota today.