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2020 Toyota RAV4 models in gray

Where can I find a new SUV in LA?

2021 Toyota SUV Models in Manhattan Beach CA 

We have new vehicles coming into our showroom here at Manhattan Beach Toyota that you might be excited about. If you are looking for an SUV, we have several in store for you. Let us help you find the right 2021 Toyota SUV models in Manhattan Beach CA for your needs.  

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2020 Toyota Tundra with family

New Changes for 2021 Toyota Trucks and SUV Models

There are some updates for the new model year. The large SUV models and trucks of the Toyota lineup have some news for you to learn about. These vehicles have some great technology for your off-road adventures. The 2021 Toyota 4Runner, Sequoia, Tacoma, and Tundra have new features to offer you a more adaptive drive. Let’s see what new changes there are for these 2021 Toyota trucks and SUV models.  

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2020 Toyota Sienna vs 2020 Toyota Sequoia

What are the Differences Between the 2020 Toyota Sienna and Sequoia?

2020 Toyota Sienna Minivan vs 2020 Toyota Sequoia SUV

On the surface, this may seem like an odd comparison. Why would we consider that the Sienna minivan might attract the same audience as the powerful and adventurous Sequoia? Essentially, we’ve chosen this unique matchup due to size. Both the 2020 Toyota Sienna and the 2020 Toyota Sequoia have much in common in terms of seating, cabin space, and cargo capacity, as well as looks with a similarly shaped exterior shell. So, with space in mind, which of these Toyota models is the right fit for your family or driving lifestyle? It’s the 2020 Toyota Sienna vs the 2020 Toyota Sequoia!

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2019 Toyota 4Runner vs 2019 Toyota Sequoia vs 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser

Is the 4Runner, Sequoia, or Land Cruiser the Better Adventure Vehicle?

2019 Toyota 4Runner vs Toyota Sequoia vs Toyota Land Cruiser

The C-HR, RAV4, and Highlander models are versatile and well-loved but geared more often towards city and highway driving trips. Meanwhile, the 4Runner, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser models are packed full of power, performance and off-road features, and therefore more suited more towards adventure. So, which adventurous Toyota SUV is the right pick for you?

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2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro exterior shot with white paint color driving on rocky mountain terrain near forests in the very early morning as the sun rises

How Powerful is the 2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Trim?

2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Engine Specs and Performance Features

The Toyota Sequoia has joined the TRD Pro family, now offered in addition to the Tacoma and Tundra pickups and the 4Runner SUV TRD Pro trims. Now that the 2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro debuted recently at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, there’s quite a lot of benefits to show off concerning this off-road/performance trim. So, let’s begin and see just how powerful the 2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro trim is!

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2019 Toyota Sequoia Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

2019 Toyota Sequoia Specs & Features

At the turn of the century, sport utility vehicles were probably the second-most popular vehicles on the road, behind sedans. On today’s market, crossovers like the RAV4 have not only nearly wiped out the numerous SUV segments, they’ve even begun chipping away at sedans. But, much like the minivan segment before it, even as they get all but wiped out, there are still several of the best SUVs available out there from a select few brands. Our brand has two of its own, including of course the full-size 2019 Toyota Sequoia. We thought we’d highlight a few of its specs & features to show you what makes it such a great choice in a rapidly changing marketplace. Read the rest of this entry >>