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2020 Toyota Corolla Greater Than We commercial timestamp frame as 4 friends approach a theater

What Song is Playing in the New 2020 Toyota Corolla Commercial?

2020 Toyota Corolla ‘Greater Than’ Campaign Commercials and Songs

The redesigned 2020 Toyota Corolla sedan and hybrid models have now released in the USA. To promote this new development, the Toyota company has launched a brand-new advertisement campaign. The ‘Greater Than’ campaign spots for the 2020 Toyota Corolla can be seen either online or on TV. Additionally, every entry into this campaign is scored with a piece of delightful music, ranging from old and classic to brand-new. Want to see these commercials for yourself? Want to find out the names of some of the songs featured in these advertisements? We’ll handle that all here and now!

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2020 Toyota Yaris Adventure exterior shot with gray paint color set in a dark showroom

April Fools’ Day: The 2020 Toyota Yaris Adventure

The Toyota company is getting in on the April Fools’ Day fun with its own gag for today. That would be introducing the new and pretty obviously fake 2020 Toyota Yaris Adventure model. The 2020 Toyota Yaris Adventure is a subcompact truck version of the Toyota Yaris car. For posterity’s sake, and for the purpose of comedy, we will be documenting the “specs” of the 2020 Toyota Yaris Adventure today! 

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