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2022 Toyota Avalon on road

What are the performance ratings for the 2022 Toyota Avalon?

Engine and Performance Ratings of the 2022 Toyota Avalon 

The mighty flagship sedan of one of the most popular automakers in the world, the 2022 Toyota Avalon, makes a comeback this year with the incredible new standard and available features that make it a tough competition for its rivals. It’s a quiet yet powerful large SUV that delivers ultra-smooth comfort and packs a standard suite of safety features for a remarkable driving experience. Let’s explore the engine and performance ratings of the 2022 Toyota Avalon at Manhattan Beach Toyota in Manhattan Beach, CA. 

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2022 Toyota Avalon on road

How comfortable is the 2022 Toyota Avalon for long journeys?

Interior and Comfort Features of the 2022 Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon has a rich history of being a high-quality vehicle dedicated to delivering a luxurious experience to its passengers. The all-new 2022 Toyota Avalon will be the most advanced sedan ever released by the manufacturer. It will come with many interior and comfort features that are expected to make traveling and to drive a much more pleasurable experience. Let’s check out the interior and comfort features of the 2022 Toyota Avalon at Manhattan Beach Toyota at Manhattan Beach, CA.

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2021 Toyota Avalon on the road

What’s New on the 2021 Toyota Avalon?

2021 Toyota Avalon Fuel Economy and Performance

The Toyota Avalon has been the frontrunner in the full-size sedan market for many years now. Moreover, the Avalon is also the flagship sedan of Toyota. A meticulous, strong build along with luxurious interior comforts sets the 2021 Toyota Avalon apart. This stylish, reliable, and durable sedan will catch eyeballs as you zoom around Manhattan Beach city’s oceanfront restaurants, quaint boutiques, and pristine beaches! For now, let’s have a look at the 2021 Toyota Avalon fuel economy and performance.

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2019 Toyota Avalon with silver paint color and 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid with dark red paint color parked outside near an oil drilling station

What are the Color Options for the 2019 Toyota Avalon and Avalon Hybrid?

2019 Toyota Avalon and Avalon Hybrid Exterior Paint Color Options

As a full-size sedan, the 2019 Toyota Avalon is full of power as well as impressive technology and features. However, does it also stand tall in terms of looks? We’ll let you be the judge for the baseline style, but we’d like to introduce your eyes to the many body color options of both the standard 2019 Toyota Avalon sedan as well as the 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid.

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2020 Toyota Camry and Avalon TRD Models Exterior Passenger Side Front Angles

2020 Toyota Avalon & Camry Receive TRD Trim Levels

Last year, we got very excited when the Toyota Sequoia received its TRD trim level. It was the first time, in a long time at least, that a model other than the Tacoma, Tundra & 4Runner received a TRD model. It was followed up this year by the introduction of the 86 TRD Special Edition, the first non-truck or -utility vehicle to get a model from the TRD line. Now, two of the most iconic sedans on the Toyota lineup as a whole – the 2020 Toyota Avalon & Camry – will also be receiving their very own trim levels from Toyota Racing Development, and we cannot wait. Read the rest of this entry >>