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2022 Toyota Mirai on a road

Which Fully-Electric Toyota Vehicles are Currently Available in 2022?

All-Electric Toyota Vehicles in 2022 

People who are planning to buy new vehicles have begun to shift their purchase thought process over the last couple of years. They are no longer interested in fuel-based cars and want to own electric vehicles. Why this change in purchase behavior? The reasons could be many. Some might be sensitive to environmental and climate changes. Some would want to save fuel money and opt for electric vehicles. 

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2022 Toyota Highlander Front and Side View

How good are the technology features in the 2022 Toyota Highlander?

Tech Features of the 2022 Toyota Highlander 

Toyota has launched the reimagined 2022 Toyota Highlander with a new design and upgraded tech features. Available at a starting MSRP of $35,855, the new Highlander comes in eleven different trim level options: L, LE, Hybrid LE, XLE, Hybrid XLE, XSE, Bronze Edition, Limited, Hybrid Limited, Platinum, and Hybrid Platinum. It has an EPA-estimated fuel efficiency of 21 MPG in cities and 29 MPG on the highways. Continue scrolling down to read more about the standard and available technology features of the 2022 Toyota Highlander, presented to you by our team at Manhattan Beach Toyota in Manhattan Beach, CA. 

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A man and a woman walking in front of a red 2022 Toyota Prius

Check Out this Video Overview of the 2022 Toyota Prius

2022 Toyota Prius Video Overview

The 2022 Toyota Prius is a remarkable hatchback that has been dominating its segment in Manhattan Beach, CA, for the past many years. Boasting modern hybrid technology, the hatchback features a refined exterior and enhanced interior. The hatchback is a technological powerhouse that is capable and efficient. If you want to learn more about its features and specs, then continue reading. Here is a 2022 Toyota Prius video overview to help you understand what the hatchback has to offer.

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Checking the safety features in the Toyota

Stay secure with Toyota brand’s Star Safety System™!

What is the Star Safety System™?

If you’ve been driving a Toyota vehicle for quite some time, you might be aware about the Star Safety System™. This system is standard on all Toyota vehicles except the Yaris iA. Have you ever wondered though: What is the Star Safety System™? At Manhattan Beach Toyota in Manhattan Beach, CA, we give you the lowdown on the Star Safety System™!

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2021 Toyota Camry on the road

How Does the 2021 Toyota Camry AWD System work?

2021 Toyota Camry AWD Features

The 2021 Toyota Camry boasts reliable safety elements, superior performance and fuel efficiency, innovative technology, and comfortable cabin space. It also comes with a Dynamic Torque Control all-wheel drive (AWD) system. This AWD system is available on five of its eight trim levels: LE, XLE, SE, SE Nightshade, and XSE. When the system detects slippage especially in gravel, snow, or rain, it transfers 50% of the torque to the rear wheels for better grip. Are you interested in learning about the 2021 Toyota Camry AWD features? Below is a video by the folks at Toyota to help you understand this system better!

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2021 Toyota Tacoma on rugged terrain

Toyota vehicles allow you to alternate from normal to rugged terrain with ease!

How does Toyota’s Suspension System Work?

While the tires on your Toyota get all the praise for keeping the vehicle off the ground and on the move, the suspension system of your vehicle is the underdog, the unsung hero of the story. It makes your drive comfortable by ensuring that the vehicle sits at a specified height and adds support when your vehicle is heavier, i.e., has more passengers or cargo. But how does Toyota’s Suspension System work? Below is a video by Toyota to help you understand this technology.

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Toyota Destination Assist feature

Enjoy a stress-free journey with Toyota’s Destination Assist

How to use destination assist in your Toyota

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the destination you wish to go to. At that point in time, don’t you wish you had a genie at your beck and call to help you navigate? Well, if you have a Toyota, you have one such feature available to you. The Toyota Destination Assist connects you to a live agent who will guide you to your favored destination. Are you interested in learning about how to use destination assist in your Toyota? Below is a video put together by the folks at Toyota to help you use this feature.

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Father and son loading up the trunk of a Toyota RAV4

What technology features are included with the 2021 Toyota RAV4?

When looking to upgrade to your next vehicle, it’s important to take into consideration what technology features come included with that said vehicle. Today, we’ll be going over what the Toyota RAV4 has in store in terms of technology. You can find the RAV4 in stock today at your local Manhattan Beach Toyota dealership, and if you like what you see please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions you may have. 

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2021 Corolla Hatchback color blue

What technology features come with the 2021 Corolla Hatchback?

The 2021 Corolla Hatchback comes with a wide variety of different useful features to help enhance the driving experience. One of the categories that really stands out in this hatchback is the array of technology features designed to make the experience behind the wheel as convenient as possible. Below you can read more about the different technologies that make up the 2021 Corolla Hatchback, which is available today at your local Manhattan Beach Toyota dealership. 

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