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Beach and tides

Things To Do on a Day Trip: Manhattan Beach Edition

Best & Fun Things to Do in Manhattan Beach, CA  

It’s time for a day trip to Manhattan Beach if you want to spend the day taking in some of the surf cultures of California. A destination for volleyball lovers, with solid waves and beautiful sandy beaches. Manhattan Beach is a well-known coastal community in western Los Angeles County that has clung to its humble beginnings. According to local legend, after winning a coin toss in 1902, developer John Merrill gave the beach, his birthplace of New York, the name. In this blog by Manhattan Beach Toyota, you’ll discover the best & fun things to do in Manhattan Beach, CA.   

As the name suggests, the beach at Manhattan Beach is one of the main attractions. The waterfront is attractive, laid-back, and close to upscale restaurants and seafood eateries, where you’ll probably spend most of your time. More lovely than its South Bay counterparts, its affluent downtown district is located around Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Manhattan Avenue, albeit you’ll have to go up and down hills to enjoy it all. Despite having a beach on one entire border, Manhattan Beach offers a wide range of other enjoyable activities, such as a gorgeous bike path and a stroll through a mountainous, sandy park.  

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Top Three Popular Vegan Food Joints near Manhattan Beach, CA!

What are the Best Vegan Restaurants in Manhattan Beach, CA?  

When you are a vegan, finding a great vegan restaurant can be a challenge sometimes. However, if you are a resident of Manhattan Beach, CA, you have a plethora of options at your disposal, and this is where we come in. Manhattan Beach Toyota has this blog post about the top three vegan restaurants in the area. Give this article a good read to learn more about these food joints.   

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A steak served with vegetables

Check out the Best Steakhouses in Manhattan Beach, CA!

List of the Top Three Steakhouses in Manhattan Beach, CA  

When you cannot figure out what to have for dinner this Saturday night, going for a steak is always a great option. Whether you like it medium rare or well-done, a juicy prime cut makes your day. If you are a resident of Manhattan Beach, CA, we at Manhattan Beach Toyota have this blog post where we talk about the top three steakhouses in the area!  

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What are the Best Cafes in Manhattan Beach, CA

Top 3 Cafes that Serve Amazing Coffee Near Manhattan Beach, CA  

Whether it’s before work, after work, or at the weekend, everyone loves a good cup of coffee. As a coffee lover, you might be wondering about the best cafes in the city. An automotive dealership, Manhattan Beach Toyota near Manhattan Beach, CA, has something interesting. This blog post features three of the best cafes that serve fantastic coffee. Read ahead to know more about it!  

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A car dealer handing the keys to a car to a customer

Wondering Where to Lease a Toyota in Manhattan Beach, CA? Read to Know! 

Where Can You Lease a Toyota Vehicle in Manhattan Beach, CA? 

For the uninitiated, buying a brand-new car is not the only way of owning a car and driving it around for as long as you want. Leasing is a great way to ensure that you enjoy the driving experience of a new vehicle for several years without making a lifelong commitment to it. In fact, some people prefer leasing to buying for several reasons. If you are wondering where you could lease a Toyota vehicle in Manhattan Beach, CA, this blog post by Manhattan Beach Toyota could help you out. Continue reading to know more and become a more informed consumer.  

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A man and a woman walking in front of a red 2022 Toyota Prius

Sell or Trade Your Vehicle at Manhattan Beach Toyota: An Insider’s Guide

Where to Sell or Trade Your Vehicle in Manhattan Beach, CA  

You might be interested in selling or trading in your old vehicle if you are constantly paying to replace parts, the vehicle has more than 100,000 miles on it or an unusually high annual mileage rate. With the recent changes to the market, it can be even harder to get a reasonable price for your old ride. Where to sell or trade your vehicle in Manhattan Beach, CA. With Manhattan Beach Toyota, you will likely never have to haggle with a used-car sales associate again – just bring your vehicle to our showroom and let the professionals do their thing. Read this blog post to learn how to get the most money for selling your vehicle.

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A bunch of people dining with a dog at a restaurant.

Are there any Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Manhattan Beach, CA?

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Manhattan Beach

Are you looking for a restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA, which you can visit with your canine friend? Finding a place that welcomes dogs can be quite a task. However, dog parents can rejoice as there are numerous dog-friendly restaurants in Manhattan Beach. Continue reading this blog by Manhattan Beach Toyota to learn about the restaurants where you can visit with your four-legged friend.

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Snapshot of a woman lazing on the beach

What Are the Best Tourist Attractions near Manhattan Beach, CA?

Top 3 Places to Visit in Manhattan Beach, CA

Did you know? The name “Manhattan” was arrived at by flipping a coin! Yes, that’s correct. In its earliest days, the north end of the town was called “Shore Acres” by George Peck who owned it. The south portion of the town was bought by John Merrill who called his segment Manhattan. Unable to agree on a name, Merrill and Peck flipped a coin, and Manhattan won. This impressive beachfront town is a getaway for foodies and adventure seekers. You could walk, run, bike, rollerblade, or skateboard along the beach or frolic in the sea and feel relaxed! At Manhattan Beach Toyota, we list out the top 3 places to visit in Manhattan Beach, CA!

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Mother and daughter eating ice cream

Where can I find the perfect Mother’s Day gift in Manhattan Beach, CA?

With Mother’s Day approaching faster than we think, the team here at Manhattan Beach Toyota wants you to be prepared for what’s coming. We’ve done the research and have found multiple different shops and stores that we think will be the perfect place to go and get the ideal gift for your special someone on this day. Whether that be your mom, grandma, aunt, or anyone else that deserves it, we got you covered. Let’s jump into it below! 

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