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Things To Do on a Day Trip: Manhattan Beach Edition

Best & Fun Things to Do in Manhattan Beach, CA  

It’s time for a day trip to Manhattan Beach if you want to spend the day taking in some of the surf cultures of California. A destination for volleyball lovers, with solid waves and beautiful sandy beaches. Manhattan Beach is a well-known coastal community in western Los Angeles County that has clung to its humble beginnings. According to local legend, after winning a coin toss in 1902, developer John Merrill gave the beach, his birthplace of New York, the name. In this blog by Manhattan Beach Toyota, you’ll discover the best & fun things to do in Manhattan Beach, CA.   

As the name suggests, the beach at Manhattan Beach is one of the main attractions. The waterfront is attractive, laid-back, and close to upscale restaurants and seafood eateries, where you’ll probably spend most of your time. More lovely than its South Bay counterparts, its affluent downtown district is located around Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Manhattan Avenue, albeit you’ll have to go up and down hills to enjoy it all. Despite having a beach on one entire border, Manhattan Beach offers a wide range of other enjoyable activities, such as a gorgeous bike path and a stroll through a mountainous, sandy park.  

List of Fun Things to Do in Manhattan Beach  

  1. Surf and Sand  

Extreme surfers travel from across California to Manhattan Beach because of some of the giant waves in the area. El Porto, a renowned spot for beginners and intermediate surfers, is located on the northernmost portion of the beach. Additionally, El Porto is home to the well-known Camp Surf school.  

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  1. Swing by Sand Dune Park  

The dune, which may be seen on Manhattan Beach, is the last intact coastal dune in the region. Celebrities, athletes and regular people come to Sand Dune Park for the best workout.  

  1. Manhattan Beach Pier  

The Manhattan Beach Pier, extending 928 feet into the Pacific Ocean for more than a century, is the city’s focal point and offers spectacular coastal views that are unmatched by any other beaches in the region. There is no need for a fishing license to engage in off-pier fishing. The pier is a fantastic location to watch surfers ride the waves.  

Our blog post comes to a close with that. We sincerely hope reading about these fantastic activities in Manhattan Beach, California, was enjoyable. In the ensuing weeks, choose a date and begin visiting these locations. Check out our inventory if you’re looking to buy a vehicle near Manhattan Beach.