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Adaptive Equipment                                                                                                         

"Adaptive equipment" is the term that applies to aftermarket devices, typically installed by a Mobility Equipment Dealer specialist, that make it possible for people with disabilities to drive or be transported in a vehicle. The team at Manhattan Beach Toyota Scion near Marina Del Rey and Torrance can help you find the best adaptive equipment for your new Toyota.

Common adaptive equipment: hand controls, steering devices and left foot accelerators are available on all models. You may just not know what options you have. The team at Manhattan Beach Toyota near Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey can assist you with your search.

Various types of conversion and adaptive equipment are available                           
Scooter, Wheelchair and
Passenger Lifts

Wheelchair and scooter lifts are the second most popular category of adaptive equipment, they allow a
scooter or wheelchair to be lifted and transported inside the rear of a minivan, SUV, truck or on a hitch mounted carrier.

The Toyota Highlander equipped with a Bruno Curb-Sider Lift and a Bruno Compact Lift-Up® Seat for the passenger.

Scooter & Powerchair Carriers

Mobility equipment dealers offer scooter and wheelchair carriers designed to mount on tow hitches. Although towing hitches are designed to carry and pull items, vehicles have limitations on the load that can be applied to the hitch.

Confirm the weight of the mobility equipment being installed. The total weight of the equipment should not exceed the maximum tongue weight of the vehicle. 

The Toyota Tundra equipped with a Bruno Out-Sider® Meridian scooter/powerchair carrier.

Braun Sienna Rampvan
For more information about wheelchair- and scooter-accessible Siennas, contact Manhattan Beach Toyota

Braun Sienna Rampvan

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